2003-09-05 - 11:31 a.m.

Bleh -- I just ate a crispy cream donut and I feel that I may die soon.

It was foolish -- I knew one bite in that I didn't really want it.

Too much frosting and not enough donut is my assessment -- I'm all in favor of a tasty glazed donut, but you need to have more donut.

Also, why are they so uniformly round? And not really puffy enough?


I miss my bike. I drove in because I have to run some errands on the way home. I could have run them on my bike, though, and it would have been more fun.

I guess I was worried that two days in a row might kill me, but then I saw other cyclists and felt jealous.

Just wait til I get in shape -- that's all I'm saying.


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