2003-09-08 - 10:28 a.m.


So I'm here -- I rode my bike in. It no longer seems so much of an ordeal. THere are 6 hills of terror, and everybody passes me constantly, but it's certainly doable. It certainly beats parking and then walking in from the parking lot.

So --

We cleaned out the basement this Saturday, or at least one room of it, to gett he new washer/dryer in. It's so nice -- it made me happy even upstairs, to think about that near-empty basement downstairs. I think I'm feeling encouraged to understake a real cleaning. I think if I start fromt eh basement, there will be room down there to put stuff that's in our way upstairs ...

Or so I think.

What else -- I read a PD James myster, unnatural causes, which was really good, if you think about it. I thought about it up several hills this morning. Now I'm in the middle of another one -- skull beneath the skin. Mostly we just hung around. Nora babysat, and then spent a lot of the weekend with Isabel, the girl across the street. Isabel seems to have changed somewhat -- seems to be eager to be an adolescent. Hmmm. Maddy mostly amused herself. I made a meatloaf, and a peach crumble, and read and did laundry.

Last night we saw freaky Friday, which was much better than I had imagined.

That's about that -- I have to drink my tea, and then go to a meeting.

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