I am in hell!

2003-11-13 - 12:13 p.m.

Okay, there's a new book about Captain Bligh, the captain of the Bounty -- sent off in an open boat with the loyal members of his crew. Apparently, he was not really the problem. The problem was the lack of marines and the possibly bi-polar Fletcher Christian.

Anyway, as Christian forces Bligh into the little boat, Bligh asks him, "what's the deal, here? Why are you doing this?" To which he answers,

"I am in hell, sir! I am in hell!"

Which is sort of how I am feeling this week. This week which is, thank god, almost over.

I'm sort of wondering if I'm possibly anemic, because I am so very tired. But it could be because I am getting no exercise, because I can't ride my bike -- every day because of some damn thing or other.

There's been some panic about whether Maddy will have to take a standardized test to get into Middle School B, and then whether she'll have to have a "full assessment" to qualify for extra time, which will cost big bucks and delay everything, and then will they even want her, because she is an "extra-time needer." I think it's all cleared up, now, in fact, I think she's accepted, but then I worried -- well, maybe we're doing her no favors and she should go to some kind of learning-disability school ... But no, I talked to the learning specialist, who thinks she will do very well, and the teachers will love her.

So I think that's all settled.

Now we just have to get Nora into public high school A and we will be all set. (God help us.)

I just read Helen Fielding's new book -- Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination. It's not great. It could have been great -- It's funny. IN the first place, I read it just after reading a Tintin book, and in certain resepcts it IS a Tintin book. It's an international spy thriller, and the plot is about as developed.

I'm not quite sure what went wrong, when the Bridget books were so perfect. I think for one thing, she was trying to step away from the Bridget books. So it's not first person -- The thing about Bridget was, she was smarter than she seemed, and we could kind of see that around the mayhem that she always got up to. But Bridget never did. That was why it was so sweet when Mark came over and helped her cook dinner, for instance. She thought those receipes were reasonable, I suppose, whereas the funny part was that we knew they were insane -- I think the funny and touching part was always that we could seem more than Bridget could.

With Olivia, it's not really like that -- she takes herself seriously.

I understand wanting to try something new -- it's just that -- well, so Olivia takes herself seriously, and then we're not peeking around her shoulder, and it's not as fun.

So --

I think it needs to be rewritten.

So there you have it --

Now I must go.



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