2003-11-20 - 9:52 a.m.

I was faked out -- it looked like it was going to rain, so I didn't ride my bike, but I think it's only misting.

I've finished watching Pride and Prejudice, and now I'm sort of at a loss.


I have a new black wool skirt, that I think I like a lot.

I have to go to an info night thing for High School A. It should be interesting --

Although I don't particularly feel like going anywhere.

The mother of a friend of Nora's (they're actually not very close anymore, but they used to be) called me last night -- I think just to figure out what we were doing about high school. It was odd -- Nora and E. are not really close anymore, and actually, I'm sort of glad. E. seems to be really into being in the popular clique and being kind of a brat --


I'm afraid this is not very interesting. I'm feeling sort of distracted --

Maybe I will come back.

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