47 movies.

2003-12-05 - 4:19 p.m.


I've been at a thing all day. But here I am now.

The trees are really pretty outside right now.

I'm enjoying them, because this is really all we get -- some rain and some pretty trees in december. This time next month the magnolias will be blooming.

I'm sorry, but it's pathetic.

And. What else. I know this guy who's taken up bicycle racing. It's interesting. I mean -- I have absolutely no interest in bicycle racing, but I wouldn't mind trying out some of their routes. There's a place a little north of here that's very pretty. It's where we go to get our Christmas tree. It feels like the country.

I'm afraid I have nothing else to say. I have to go pick up the kidlets, and then go home, and watch 47 movies.

So I'll be busy.

Bye, then.

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