2003-12-10 - 9:41 a.m.


I have a meeting coming up.

I meant to talk about the meeting I went to the other day -- it was kind of funny. Well, not funny. We were talking about financial things so dire there's no preparing for them. (Budget, C@lifornia, Schwarzen@gger.) It's funny because it's a faculty committee. They're an odd bunch, although quite likable, and it's amazingly refreshing that they're not librarians.

Anyway --

I am wearing red and black today, and I'm getting fatter again because I haven't ridden my bike in weeks. First it was Thanksgiving, then I was sick, and now it's raining. But it's supposed to stop raining tomorrow, and then I'm going to be a ball of fire.

You'll see.

So, I had this great idea re: gifts, and I think it may work out. I've got all the miscellaneous siblings taken care of with wine charms and refrigerator magnets. (Go ahead, be happy that you're not in my family -- but the truth is, as pathetic as these little gifts are, they don't give me anything at all, so there. Except my brother, who gave me some excellent juice glasses with fruits on them last year, and my other brother who always sends cheese and maple syrup -- he lives in Vermont. So I always send him some coffee, too.) (Plus, the refreigerator magnets, I must say, are rather excellent.)

Then I have 4 nieces and 2 nephews. Plus parents. But I've got books for Kevin's parents, and I think I've got my stepfather worked out, and my mom, too. My own family -- Maddy wants a boom box and Nora wants a haircut and permission to dye her hair black. (Oh god.)

But for these nephews and nieces -- I found a pattern for these scarves that look like little snakes. They are very cute. I'm halfway through one of them. So I'm thinking maybe scarves for all of them.

I went to the yarn store yesterday, where they were very helpful. Plus, I found some very cute buttons for eyes.

I don't know -- you have to be careful with homemade presents and children. It's often a bitter disappointment --

I learned this at a young age when my brother did not like the really great camera I'd made for him out of a kleenex box.

But I think they may actually be cute enough that it might be okay --

Plus, they're really fun to make.

Okay --

And now this stupid meeting.


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