2003-12-11 - 11:28 a.m.

Hmmm. Oddly, entering the building filled me with overpowering exhaustion. Then I had to go outside again, and immediately felt better.

I am 3/4 done with one snake scarf, with only one obvious mistake. I knitted one row where I should have purled. I think it I do it again, it will look like it was on purpose, and a design element. It is very very cute. I can't wait to make the 47 I am now planning to make.

This is what happens to me. I can't help it.

We've been having a disagreement at my house. We usually go to this party on Christmas eve. Secretly, I don't like it all that much. It's at the house of these people I have sort of mixed feelings about. Well, I like them. I actually do like them. But they are older than us, and sort of --

Well, they're kind of not like me. They don't read books. They like to play charades. They're very into how things look. They remind me of my older sisters, to be quite honest.

On the other hand, they are kind. Kevin met them in graduate school, and they have always served a sort of elder sibling role for us.

So, it's mean of me to not really want to go to their party.

They're also very into getting things for cheap, which can mean appropriating the things of others if they feel that they will appreciate said things more than the current owners do. Don't loan them books if you want them back. They won't read them, but they will stick them in their shelves. Don't bring any kind of nice plate over -- or if you do, make sure you take it home with you that night.

The girls hate the party because they don't know the kids and are therefore bored.

So, anyhow, since my brother is going to be around this Christmas, and is having us over for Christmas dinner, I thought "Oh, we can have him over for Christmas eve, and have fondue [traditional in my family]"

But Kevin remembered the odious party.

Also, it just seems odd to be not at home on Christmas Eve. I always feel like a sad character not to be having dinner with my enormous family on Christmas eve, but instead to be going to a kind of icky party.

It's not icky -- the food will be good and the decorations quite tasteful.

Anyway -- it seems that we may have fondue first and then go to the icky party. That, I think, I could handle.

How I could have married a person with absolutely no feeling for Christmas is completely beyond me. I am not a Christian by any stretch of the imagination. I do like to shop, but not even as much as most people, I think. But I really like Christmas. I like the tree bit, and I like the lights, and I like all the little projects. I like Christmas carols, and I like winter, and I like having a vacation in winter and going for walks in the snow at night.

Ooops. Got to go --


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