2004-01-08 - 9:52 a.m.


So here I am back at work. I really am still sick, plus I am tired, plus my desk is a terrible disaster.

However, I really did get some things done yesterday, so that is good. I mailed many outgrown clothes off to my sister-in-law. I dusted out Nora's dollhouse and took it down to the basement, and I moved Maddy's dollhouse from the dining room into her room. I sorted out clothes that may still fit Maddy, and summer clothes, and I washed them and took them down to the basement, and I gave away clothes that don't fit and that weren't worth sending on. At a certain point, I though -- ugh, there is too much to do, but then I realized that there is so much to do that it really doesn't matter what I do, because anything will be an improvement.

Wasn't that clever?

I also went to the horrible bed and bath store and bought two more new potholders and a few new dishtowels and a thing to put utensils in on top of the stove. Wasn't that clever, too? Now there is room in the utensil drawer, and it actually closes, too, since the ladle isn't jamming up the works, and it will now be possible to find the spatulas when we need them.

I think I may actually get new spatulas, since the ones we have we actually bought 20 years ago at a thrift store, I think.


I really do need to take one day a week off -- it's only reasonable, and it would make life better.


All right. I've got a few things to do, here. (Sigh.)

Oh -- I really like those Diane Johnson books. The current one -- le Mariage -- is sort of nominally about this couple who is getting married. They both have cold feet, although they also both like each other. It's odd -- I find them strangely cheering, although I wonder if I shouldn't. It seems fine to me that these two are getting married, even if maybe they shouldn't. After all, life really isn't about perfection. But then you have this other couple also falling in love, although they are married to other people and one is sort of balding and the other, while only 34 or something, you sort of think of as a faded movie star -- Anyway -- there is something remakably cheering to me in how they depict things going forward, and life not being perfect, although there are moments of perfection there, but not necessarily for the perfect people --




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