Spelling words

2004-03-18 - 9:56 a.m.

So --

It's not quite as hot.

It's 10:00.

Not sure why that seemed important, but there you are.

Soon I'll go down and get a cup of tea.

I think I've got both kids set for next year, which is good.

I still need to call the learning specialist for Maddy and arrange for an evaluation. I realize that that needs to be in place for next year. I'm not sure exactly what her learning thing is (which alone, I realize, is shocking. I should know.) Just that it takes her a long time to do things. But next year she's going to have tests, including, at the beginning, placement tests, and if she needs extra time, she needs to have all the documentation so that she gets it.

I'm wondering particularly about her math placement. Seems to me she should be in the advanced class, but I'm not entirely sure. Her math teacher said, sure. The director of the school looked horrified. But I think she's actually pretty quick to pick up concepts. It's when she's faced with 87 division problems that she tends to get bogged down.

But I need to have this all in clear writing from a person who is not me.

And I think I want to arrange a tutor to make sure she actually has covered everything in math that she is supposed to have. I suspect that they go at a slower pace than they actually need to --

But also, if I'm wrong and she should NOT be in the advanced class, I want someone to tell me ahead of time.

Avoiding debacles -- this is my goal.

Anyway -- and then she needs a Spanish tutor, too, because kids who have been there since 6th grade have had a whole year more of Spanish than she has. The Spanish teacher claims that this is not a problem, but I'm fairly sure that it will be. Nora said, yeah, none of the kids who came in 7th grade are in the advanced Spanish class in 8th grade.

Which seems somewhat telling.

What else --

I have to figure out the summer.

Also --

I now have a pink pocketbook. Isn't that funny?

Okay -- I think I really need some tea.


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