2004-06-21 - 10:02 a.m.

So --

It was my birthday yesterday, and I am now 45 which seems very very old.

But it was a nice weekend. Nora was off helping at some botanical garden thing on Saturday, and Maddy had a riding class, and then we went to a party, which I thought would not be fun, but was. Then we came home, and Nora came home, and we went to bed.

And Sunday ... I woke up and started the laundry and started a cake, and then Nora woke up and she had bought me a plant at the botanical garden and some earrings, and she said that she had planned to make me a cake, but instead she made me crepes, and Maddy made me some earrings, and Nora made me a shrinkydink bracelet, and then after a while we went to the beach.

Where we slept, and Maddy and I took a walk, and Nora went into the water, and then we went home, and started dinner, and Kevin came home and we ate, and had the cake, which was fabulous, actually.

And that was it.

The cake is called "dump-it cake" from Amanda Hesser's Cooking for Mr. Latte, and it's really good. The frosting is half sour cream and half melted chocolate chips. Yum.

And today -- Nora is at home, probably still asleep, and Maddy is off at rockclimbing/sea kayaking camp with her friend Anna, which is good. It feels goos to have her off doing some outdoorly thing, and not home in her room drawing horses.

So there you have it --



Oh, my boss mentioned that he's been rereading all those Mary Renault books. He gushed, "They're wonderful, and Alexander the great was a fabuous person, and, oh."

So now I'm reading them, and he's right. I read them all when I was 13, and decided I wanted to be an archaeologist, but really, I think you read them for the romance.

Also, at least some of them can convince you that you have some kind of fate. Sort of like Ulysses, actually.

Okay, then.


Oh, also it was the longest day of the year, which, really, is certainly the best day of the year to have your birthday on.


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