2004-09-01 - 9:56 a.m.

Good lord.

So I dropped Nora and I. off at the BART station at 7:47 (to catch an 8:01 BART -- probably they made it) and Maddy at school at 7:50 (she didn't need to be there until 8:00).

So I think we're doing pretty well, yes?

It is very odd -- Maddy does not mind at all when I ask her what homework she has and has she remembered her gym clothes and did she eat her lunch. Nora won't have any of it, and really, never has. So I did ask her a few questions, and I did contribute a piece of useful information -- that she should probably bring the paper schedule with her -- but otherwise I pretty much left her alone. We got her a cell phone (with a tiny number of minutes -- it's only so I can call her when she has been abducted by aliens) and a bus pass for the rides home. She is very resourceful -- she knows all about busses and transfers and how to get on and off. She's even spoken to the bus driver. It's good, actually.

And Maddy seemed to like school, too, and did not mind doing her homework. I think it will maybe be all right.


In other news, my legs are pretty hairy. Hmm. I guess I should shave them. And I do still have tiny remnants of a tan. I'm reading Peyton Place, which is reminding me of Empire Falls. And I have to go get my hair cut.

Pretty newsworthy day, I guess.

Okay -- got to go.

Oh -- there's office gossip. Secret Birthday Parties! I guess I'm on the outside -- I am never invited or feted at said Secret Birthday Parties. I guess it's kind of icky, but actually, I sort of don't care. I do think it's stupid and icky, though. Interestingly, the people I hang out with are mostly not involved. So that's probably okay.


Bye then --

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