2004-09-15 - 9:41 a.m.


Why do I feel so exhausted?

I'm thinking it has to do with school.

Maddy had a ton of homework last night, plus a piano lesson. The very good thing is that she actually just did it all -- There was no terrible collapse or anything.

The very bad thing is that I don't think we actually had any dinner.


That can't be good.

Here are some troubling issues:

Kevin's dad is in the hospital having heart surgery. Right now, in fact. He's 82. Yes, not so good.

Work is a pain -- this thing we use -- well, it's an online catalog, is changing and the new version sucks. So I have to learn how to use it, and there's really no benefit. It just sucks more than the old one did. So it's a pain to learn something new, and then the new thing is worse. Yeah. Not good.

Feels like there are more, but I can't think if them.


Good things -- I finished Native Speaker and I really liked it. Now I can return to my Swedish detective novels. That's good, too.

Bad things -- it's not clear Nora will learn anything in Spanish or Social Studies. It's not clear she'll do any writing in English. Is this really so great? No. Will it get better? Not so sure. Does it matter? I don't know --

There we are.


Plus, there are ants in my house, and I really really hate ants a lot.

Okay. That is all.


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