2004-09-27 - 9:29 a.m.

Kind of a stinky weekend, actually.

Kevin's dad is not doing well. K. is going there on Wednesday, but really, none of it sounds good.

Maddy had friends over on Friday. Nora slept out on Friday and spent Saturday going to movies, etc. I went for a few walks and got some groceries and some new bird seed --

It was that kind of weekend. I should have gone to the beach.

Kevin's been working every weekend, party because he's heading off to Ann Arbor, but it does mean that planning reasonable activities is impossible.


I'd like to go backpacking over Columbus day, but there's been resistance about that, too.


I'm knitting -- I'm almost done with a poncho for my niece.

I went to the library. there is one more Swedish detective story, but between Friday and Saturday somebody checked it out! So I put a hold on it.

I looked at open houses. We're planning to add on to our house, and I wanted to see if we were insane to do so. It was fairly depressing, actually. People live in such horrible little houses with no yards at all.


I think that's it --


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