2004-09-29 - 9:52 a.m.

1. This pedometer thing is hard! On a normal day, I take about 5,000 steps. You're supposed to take 10,000. To get another 5,000 steps I'm going to have to go for two reasonable sized walks, or one long walk. THe trouble is, that's not so easy. I was going to walk to school to pick Maddy up yesterday, since Nora was home sick and could have let the cable guy in, but she didn't want to. (She was sick, after all, and in her pajamas.) Then I thought I'd walk up to pick Maddy up from her piano lesson, but I kept wanting to knit one more row on this poncho, and then it was impossible.
Anyway, I'm working on it. Today I took a kind of long walk on my way into work, and if I do the same thing at lunch, I will make it. Phew!

2. Kevin's flying off to Ann Arbor. I drove him to the airport this morning. It doesn't look good -- it doesn't look good at all. Brian is staying until Thursday, and Neil is driving up, and I think they're going to have to decide what to do.
I'm glad the three of them will be there --

3. There you have it.


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