2004-10-18 - 9:22 a.m.

So, here's the deal.

Tom died on Saturday. In the end he developed blood clots, and there was nothing else to do. I think by then it was a relief, actually. Otherwise the family was facing making some sort of decision.

Anyway, the boys spent the weekend writing an obituary, which was actually a good thing to do. It provided something for everyone to focus on, and to remember him.

So --

I think we may go east for Thanksgiving -- possibly to Pittsburgh where K's brother lives. And then again at Christmas, and we'll have some kind of ceremony then.

We had kind of a quiet Sunday. K. worked on the obituary, and then we went into SF to the Museum of Modern Art, and then to Mel's for dinner, and then home. It rained, which seemed appropriate.

There you have it.


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