what I've been up to

2004-10-29 - 9:32 a.m.


What an exhausting week.

Rastafarian paper due, finished and handed in by Maddy.

Shorter version also written and handed in.

Day of the Dead altar and paper due, constructed and handed in by Nora.

Spanish binder due, constructed and handed in by Nora.

Paper on Vulcan begun by Nora.

Lots of other homework attended to.

What have I done?

Finished the budget.
Gone to a web class.
Taken Maddy halloween shopping.

Somehow that's all quite a lot -- and I'm tired.

It's just kind of this time of year, where there are lots of things coming up, and it's getting darker.

I've also cooked dinner! Lots! Speaking of which, we've run out of food and will need something for tonight.

I had my book group over last week. That too involved preparations, but was fun.

I've also battled ants. The poison is finally working.

And we're meeting the contractors today.

And I helped the Red Sox win the world series by scrupulously ignoring any televised games. It did sort of take the fun out of it, I think. But it was necessary.

Anyway -- that's mostly what I've been up to.

Ho hum.


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