2004-11-29 - 10:55 a.m.

Okay, important news:

We went away for Thanksgiving, and we came back, and it was actually okay.

My grandmother lives in Phoenix, and my aunt, uncle, cousin and brother live nearby. My mom also has a place there, so she can visit my grandmother. My other uncle drives down from North Dakota. So all those people were there, except my brother, who is living in Portland.

Anyway -- it was fun. We swam every day, and shopped (because Nora's b'day was Thanksgiving) and ate and cooked and went to see Sideways, which was funny, and played lots and lots of cards. Kevin gave Nora the Maus books, so everybody read those (except me -- I was knitting).

It was fun. There were the usual family blow-ups. My mother and my aunt have their issues.

But mostly it went well.

And -- then we came home, and we went out for breakfast, and then we went to REI and got a snowboard (plus, you know, boots and bindings), and a set of skis (plus, you know, boots and bindings) and another set of skis (etc.)

That was certainly birthday and Christmas, etc. but I can hardly wait to go skiing now, although we don't actually get the skiis for another week or so.

And watched the rest of Minority Report, and Diva, and American Splendor.

I love holidays.

Okay. Got to go.


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