2004-11-30 - 8:54 a.m.

Nora's home sick today. In fact, she's been sick since Sunday, and really sick -- I went home yesterday at noon and she was fast asleep. I went out to get her some soup and potstickers, which she ate. We hung around, then I took Maddy to riding, and as I was coming home, Kevin called to ask why Nora was fast asleep on the couch.

So she's home again sick today - I hope she gets better soon.

Maddy had riding. There are now four people in her class -- there used to be two. But it seems to be okay. I think we might supplement with a private lesson now and then. She had one last week, just by accident, and it was great.

While the kids have riding, the parents hang out in the judges' box outside the ring. There's really nowhere else to go, and it's so far awway it makes no sense to leave and come back. Plus, it's kind of relaxing. I usually knit. Yesterday, as I was knitting a scarf, a huge black widow spider crawled up the scarf and onto my hand. That was exciting. I think I screamed and shook it off and another mother stepped on it.

It's not very dignified to scream, but it was about the size of a quarter.

I'm generally fairly brave, but not about enormous spiders crawling on me.

Then I went to a class on how to make socks. I'm so excited! I have most of the toe of one done. Well, about to the arch. It's really not so hard!

And it's really cold outside -- it feels like winter! the eighth graders were getting on the bus to go to Yosemite this morning. Lucky them, but they are going to be very very cold.

And I need to get Nora a pattern to start making mittens from DK size yarn. I think I feel like making mittens, too.


But first lots of socks.

Okay -- now I really have to go.


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