2004-12-13 - 11:58 a.m.


After this weekend, I am looking forward to a rest cure. Preferably a very long one, in a quiet place. Sort of dark, I think. Maybe in a quiet room with a window above a babbling brook. Very dark, and no one will come except quietly, every now and then, to bring me something to eat. I think it will be winter where I go, and I'll be able to go on long walks in the dusk through some kind of snowy landscape. After a few weeks, I'll gradually be reintroduced to human society. First I'll have books to read -- anything I want. Some really smart person will pick out all the books I really want to read but haven't even heard of yet. Letters from loved ones.

Oh, who am I kidding? I would last an afternoon. It would be a really pleasant afternoon, though.

So, we have one more week of school to get through and then, thank god, it is vacation, and we're going to Ann Arbor.

I think I actually almost have Christmas under control -- a few more things to pack and ship. A few more presents to buy. But basically, it's not wildly out of control.

This weekend:

  • Surprise party for Nora at out house on Friday after school. Surprisingly successful, although (to be honest) completely exhausting. What did they do? Decorate and wait for Nora. Eat crappy snacks. Play CDs. Dance to the Beatles and the Spice Girls. Run down the hill. Hang out on the sidewalk with a can of whipped cream. (?) Hang out in the neighbor's driveway. Eventually tire out and pile on the couch to watch deGrassi.
  • Saturday. Nora was at a friend's house until 6, when I picked her up, brought her home and she went to bed. We lolled around the house. Her report card came. (Not good. Hmmm.) Hung out with some friends in the afternoon on the way to pick her up.
  • Sunday. Homework. Hanukkah party. Still recovering, I think.

And here we are.

I think that's it.


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