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2004-12-15 - 12:01 p.m.

Help! Totally swamped! Sleeping well, but overcome by severe exhaustion by 10:00 a.m. Think longingly of cozy bed pretty much all day long.

Oh well.

One snake scarf is nearly done. That's good.

Only need a few more presents. Coffee for brother who suddenly sent us something that looks like an atlas, meaning we have to send him something. Something I'd forgotten for Kevin. Lord of the Rings DVD for Maddy. Calendars for K. and his brothers. Book for K.

Post office -- could mail some things now -- or wait until my mother's box is complete. Probably best to mail what I can now.

Need to knit three more snakes and fringe three ponchos.


Got to go.

Oh, but the fog this morning was incredible! It was all settled in the low spots, so when I drove in along the ridge, I could look down and see nothing but fog, except for Albany Hill sticking up like an island.

Very nice.

And last night, as I drove home from the grocery store, 6 deer crossed the street in front of me. If I'd had a small child I could have tricked her into believing they were Santa's reindeer out on a training run.

Three more days of school. I cannot wait until they are over.


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