2005-03-03 - 10:34 a.m.


I can't believe it's already Thursday -- I feel like I'm playing catch-up. The house is a mess, there's nothing to eat --

On the other hand, I finished another pattern on a sweater sleeve last night. It really is going to be beautiful, although I seriously wonder if Maddy'll ever wear it. Hmmm.

And we watched the Breakfast Club. Nora seemed suddenly interested, so we rented it and watched it. We also went to the store to try on bathing suits and Maddy went over to a friend's for dinner and to do homework.

I don't know -- the thing about the Breakfast Club, and about a lot of teenage television and movie drama -- I mean, do you remember high school being so stratified? I guess it was -- but did it matter?

I mean -- I was definitely not a cheerleader, and there was no way I would have ever been voted homecoming queen -- but -- I think this obsession with "popularity" (on television, I mean) is pretty artificial. There were different groups, but it's not like the smart kids or the artsy kids pined to be liked by the football team, or the football team cared about the debate team --

I think it's a little less dire than is generally depicted. There were certainly dramas, but they were not the ones you see on tv.

Actually -- the breakfast club is a little bit like what happens at traffic school -- you end up hanging out with people you normally wouldn't; driven by complete boredom to wonder about their lives.

Maybe somebody should make a traffic school movie!


I think Nora's freshman seminar may have been talking about it -- she seemed most interested in the terrible parental expectations.

Heh heh heh.

Okay -- Bye.

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