2005-03-02 - 11:45 a.m.

So ...

What is new around here?

1. Nora is on the diving team, and thus needs to purchase a $55.00 bathing suit. Hmmm. It will be hideous, that much is guaranteed. I think we need to go to Copelands and see what size she is.

2. Maddy got an A+ on her science test.

3. It rained a lot last night. There are few things nicer than getting into a warm bed inside when it is raining outside. Eaves. Eaves are nice.

4. There is a giant foxglove growing in our front yard. I hope it has a very tall flower. So far it just has leaves. Also, I need to plant the seeds that Nora brought back from DC last spring.

5. I think Nora likes us after all.

6. I'm working on the sleeve of Maddy's sweater. I've just started the third pattern. There will be five, I think. So I need to finish the sleeve, then do the next sleeve, then finish the collar, then redo the bottom with ribbing. The end is not exactly near, but can be imagined. It is a lovely sweater.

7. Then I need to go on to Nora's sweater.

8. I've been reading Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Heinlein, because several people have told me that they liked it a lot. What a wierd book! I feel like I've wandered into some strange fifties world, although also, strangely, some of it is oddly like today.


I'm reserving judgement for the time being.

I can't think of anything else to tell you --


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