2005-04-14 - 12:01 p.m.

Look! It's already 12!

We're under siege -- there's a strike going on outside. I slipped in through a seldom-used side door.

I think it's technically okay -- I mean, technically I'm not allowed to strike, and so it's okay that I'm here -- although if I were a truly good person, I would go out on my lunch hour and walk the picket line, or at least bring them some grapes.

Alas, I really am not that good.

I did work from home this morning, though, but then I had to come in for a meeting, and was unable to resist the fast internet connection.

Ho hum.

What else -- I've signed up for the bringing back the natives garden tour. Our front yard is actually looking quite nice, and has a reasonable number of natives -- a ceonothus, a flannel bush and a manzanita. Plus a coffee berry and a buckeye. But it also has lots of roses. But then on the native side, it has penstemon and coral bells and yarrow; but also lots of lavenders. It's actually looking pretty nice at this exact minute. The back yard, however, is a complete disaster. But soon! Soon it will be glorious.

We've been watching Pride and Prejudice at my house. We are all in love with Mr. Darcy, although we all agree that Mr. Bingley is awfully nice -- Even Kevin was drawn in -- he noticed that Mr. Darcy didn't smile a whole lot, or like to dance much. Personally, I think that Wickham looks like a sheep. (I am talking about the BBC version here -- the one with the various scenes with a wet Colin Firth.) It is somehow a lot easier to do homework while being distracted by Colin Firth.

Also, Kevin thought that Elizabeth was by far the prettiest. Yes, in fact, I think she is.

Funny, huh?

I wish there would be a BBC Emma, since I do like Emma so very much, and Colin Firth could be Mr. Knightly! Although honestly, he looks like he'd do a great Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre. He's definitely got the brooding thing down --

Okay -- I really do have to go -- Bye then.

And I've got Nora signed up for Spanish over the summer -- Spanish 2. I spoke to the woman in the Spanish office and she agreed that the Spanish at N's high school is for shit ("Kids come out of AP Spanish there, and are really only suited to go into Spanish 1!" she said.) I think it's partly the department, and partly the fact that there are 40 kids in the class -- it would be better if he'd actually speak to them in Spanish (as he could) but I appreciate that it's not so easy. But the situation is bad, if anybody cares.

Anyway -- we agreed that either Spanish 2 or 3 would be good. 3 isn't offered. She could take 20, which is 3 + 4 combined ( a year of spanish in 10 weeks!) but we agreed that that might be a bit scarey for a high school kid. So 2 will actually be a bit easy, but will also cover stuff she hasn't covered yet, plus stuff she would actually be covering this year if they were covering anything. Sounds like the right class. If not, she can move into 20.


Okay -- bye then.

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