trials and tribulations

2005-05-17 - 11:01 a.m.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

Well. Lots has been going on.

Nora is in big trouble for skipping school, and then lying when we asked her about it.

Also, I have grave concerns that she's not actually applying herself. Welcome to large public high school. Hmmm.

The good things are: we've had a reasonable conversation with her -- that's always good. I'm in contact with her latin teacher now, who says she's not doing well because she's not applying herself and because she's goofing off with friends instead of paying attention. With any luck, we've caught it in time -- she can still do well on the final. And it's good that a) I actually know what's going on and b) I can continue to find out what's going on. Somehow, it seems to be important that she knows that we know.

Also, it's not really a good thing to transfer junior year, but should this trend continue, I can assure all that she won't be back at large public high school for junior year. I think she's got next year to turn things around or it's curtains.

Also, the tree guys came over the weekend and cut down all the terrible trees that have been growing in our back yard. Maddy was devastated, and Nora claims that it looks terribel, but I think it looks fabulous! You can see the side of the house again, and can walk from the front to the back! We have a view again! We have light and air! the bathroom is so light! The place in the back yard where the new room will go is suddenly much much lighter! It will be nice to be there!

Also -- the trees that are left are now visible. The oak at the corner of the yard is so beautiful, and we couldn't even see it before. The kids' climbing tree looks great, too. It's fabulous.

Okay -- that should be enough to go on.


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