2005-08-01 - 12:02 p.m.

Ho hum.

I got two skirts this weekend for $8.00 a piece! Pretty, good, huh? They don't quite fit, but if you roll up the waistband a little bit, they're just fine! Also, very comfortable. Also -- $8.00 a piece!

What else? Nora is off tonight to my mother's. She's quite excited, and it looks like her friend E. will come for a week, which I think will be fun. Also, she has been behaving herself lately. Well, she was sick for two days. I guess it's hard to get into too much trouble when you're sick. But she did write her Spanish essay -- an inaugural address, in which she urged her fictional country to make war on Candyland, no matter how tough the gumdrops. Come on, it was clever! She is a clever kid!

Maddy, on the other hand, has been home cleaning out her drawers (getting rid of all hand-me-downs, I notice), writing her summer essay on The Pearl, and watching episode after episode of Sex and the City. Nora's spanish teacher was horrified to learn that we let her watch the Sopranos, god knows what he'd think about Sex and the City.

Anyway -- they both seem to like Miranda best, who is the bigshot lawyer (not that we ever see her working) and less republican than Charlotte, less neurotic than Carrie and less, uh, devoted to pleasure than Samantha. So perhaps that counts for something.

We watched Bottle Rocket last night. As Maddy said, I sort of like it, but they're so pathetic that it's hard to watch.

I think she's right, actually.

I don't know -- there are teen movies. There are movies about hapless youths. It's an interesting phenomenon.


Okay, bye.

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