2005-08-02 - 11:12 a.m.

So --

Nora has made it safely to MA where she is (or was, a while ago) soundly asleep.

Maddy is at home. She's finished Of Mice and Men and now, sadly, has nothing to do. Also, Nora took the dvd of Pirates of the Caribbean with her. A grave offence. After some discussion, it was resolved that M. would scour the bookshelf for old books she remembered liking. Island of the Aunts may do.

Although M. professes to enjoy staying home for days on end doing nothing, in actual fact I think it's a bit much. Oh well -- we leave on Friday, and unbeknownst to her I've signed her up for sailing when we get back.

Sailing -- torture of the damned.

In other news, I am wearing one of my $8.00 skirts. In the mirror at home, it looks just fine, but last night at the airport the other one, which had also looked fine at home, looked kind of awful. I think that may just be airport bathroom lighting, however.

Which made me remember the lighting in the vestibule of my college dorm. It made people look green. I remember one boy in that lighting who looked so awful (plus, he wore shoes with soles like pencil erasers) that I did not kiss him. Then there was another boy who also looked awful, but I was prepared for this so it didn't bother me so much.


What a hideous building that dorm was. I hope Nora has inherited Kevin's luck with housing, which was always much better than mine. Somehow I think she may have, but that Maddy did not.

Although -- Maddy had a better locker assignment this year than Nora ever did, so perhaps she'll be all right.

That was another thing we talked about at the airport last night. N. said she knew that the airline would lose her luggage when she flew to DC two years ago, and they did. She knew something else, and I knew that she would get into the "academic" track at school, and she did. (It was a matter of luck, not brains.) Then, as her plane sat there for a while, I tried to sense if I "knew" her plane would crash. It turned out that I didn't, and it didn't.


Okay -- bye.

Also -- long discussion with Lynn about whether Snape is evil or we are being set up. L. convinced that S is truly evil. I think she's right, but there's a tiiny space for doubt. Also -- she likes Lupin, and is glad Tonks's hair is pink again.


And Peter said, about K's mother moving from Ann Arbor to Pittsburgh, "From the sublime to the ridiculous." My mother found this inappropriate, but Kevin liked it a lot.

Okay -- bye then.

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