feels like fall

2005-08-26 - 8:47 a.m.

Hey -- it looks like we're really going to actually begin this house project.

I've been sort of ignoring it, expecting that it won't really ever happen, but we seem to have a contractor, and I seem to be meeting an excavator this morning at 10:30 to discuss how much it's going to cost.


Plus, wandering around Newbury St in Boston (ministering to my mother, I might note, not just aimlessly shopping), I found some fabrics that might look great as living room curtains, living room chair covers, dining room curtains and new kitchen curtains.

Plus I think we are going to have green counters in the kitchen. (Yay!)

So that's all pretty exciting.

It's fall, people! It's cold here (will not last -- will soon become the typical California summer in autumn), and school will start soon, and there are even a few trees turning here and there.

In a way it is good to be home.

In other news -- I think I'm going to Pittsburgh next month to help Kevin's mother unpack.

Okay. Bye.

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