2005-09-21 - 9:49 a.m.

Just thought of more about Maddy.

Nora somehow heard about the possible move -- gee, possibly because my mother is pathologically interested in the topic, squeezing every little bit of info out of me like toothpaste, and also, she's an information sieve, so we got to Marion and at least three siblings came up and asked Nora what she thought about moving.

So Nora was mad at me for not being more forthcoming. I explained about how we weren't exactly sure ourselves, and how we didn't want to get them all stirred up, especially when Grandpa had just died. Nora explained that she wanted to be part of the decision-making process.

Also, (this was in the car in front of the house, after I'd brought her home from E's house), I told her I knew Maddy would be really upset, so I was sort of hesitant to bring it up at all.

"You could have told me," said Nora.
"But that didn't exactly seem fair," I said.
"Nothing you can do will make Maddy like it," Nora said.
"Oh, she'll probably be okay with it after a while," I said.
"She's really not going to like it. Remember how she was talking about feeling all gray, and I was all colorful?"

In fact, Maddy had been saying that. I think it was when Peter died, and something else happened, too -- I can't remember what. She said she wished she were still little. Poor thing -- I can;t remember what it was -- I think it was something else on top of Peter's death -- some decision she was going to have to make, or something that was going to be expected of her.

Anyway, I think she's feeling better now. But she is not going to like this move one bit, and we are going to have to do it anyway.


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