lake cottage effect

2006-01-20 - 12:49 p.m.

Okay, a real entry:

My mother wants to come out and help with either packing or with picking out things for the new house. Hmmm. I'm anticipating that this may be difficult, yet to say no would hurt her feelings. I've got to think of a way of managing it -- I think I'll try to get her to come while M is off in DC. Then she can stay in M's room, and she can help pack. Better that than helping with the initial picking out, I think, although if she'd come back to help pick out curtains later on that might be just fine.

We're all exhausted. Too many things going on. I told N she had to get off the phone (at 10:30) last night or I would break it. She was pretty much too tired to think straight. She was supposed to be reading, and normally she would have been, but I'm sure the exhaustion was causing her to not think straight. Ahem. She got an A on her latin vocab text, though, and the teacher had the class applaud. (!!) (Horrifying, apparently.) Anyway, but next week she's got finals, so all kinds of things need to be handed in. M is also exhausted. Too much going on.

House is looking good! We have to go look at cabinets and fireplace options this weekend. There's actually nice wood (doug fir, we think) in the kitchen and back rooms. I'm inclined to just keep it. It is very very cool to sort of take the house back to the way it used to be. I want to keep all the old beadboard and siding in the back rooms. V. says it should all go, and he's probably right. It would be expensive to repaint it all decently. But I do sort of like it. Makes it look like an old lake cottage.

Okay -- that is all.

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