Too much excitement

2006-01-24 - 2:42 p.m.

Well --

This morning I took a quilting class. Perhaps this is insane. In fact, I'm sure it's insane. But it was soo much fun -- we're making smallish quilts, and they're a little goofy (they have a house and trees and 9 patches and pinwheels). But the fabrics I've picked are so very beautiful -- browns and pinks and greens with some nice big floral prints all on a brown background with tigers -- I think it's going to be kind of nice.

K and I had a large disagreement. Mostly because he came home when I was in the middle of cooking dinner while helping M write one paper and N another. He came home and enquired whether I had blown up the potatoes again, and sprung on me the fabulous idea that instead of furniture we should just have a grand piano. A grand piano and lots of shelves.

I do understand the appeal, actually, but I did sort of want a couch.

He got angry and retreated to the living room and refused to speak to me. I immediately began to worry about the girls' years of therapy to help them recover from disfunctional family life, but then N mentioned that she thought we were both being overly sensitive. So I figured if she was actually able to comment on the disfuntion, is was probably not quite so bad, or at least not quite so scarring.

Anyway, then we had dinner (no exploded potatoes). But we still have not solved the piano issue. But, hey, if he wants a grand piano it's not actually the end of the world. I'd prefer not to have it in the living room (where it would have to be the only piece of furniture since nothing else would fit) but I think we could squeeze it in somewhere.

The house, although bigger than our current house is actually not all that big, once you start imagining all the things you really want room for.

N's paper was on Love in the Time of Cholera. I think, after helping her with it, that I actually understand magical realism. She did a good job, I think. I am much relieved this year -- she's working harder and harder and enjoying it. It's good.

And -- M's paper was on how much she costs and what kind of job she'd have to get to support herself. She found a great one at a local environmental-farm type place up on the coast. And she typed it herself, which was definitely a first.

And now I must go.


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