2006-02-02 - 12:42 p.m.

Okay, so where were we?

Health: I went to the doctor this morning, which is extremely virtous of me. Since Christmas, I've taken M to the doctor and N to the dentist, and now me to the doctor. It is so tedious, and takes so much time, and is really so unpleasant. Now I've got to get M to the dentist and N to the doctor and myself to the gynecologist. By then it will time for everyone to go back to the dentist again. It is very hard to do all the things you're supposed to do as a matter of course. They're really a full time occupation, actually. Ugh.

House: We met yesterday with the architect who was going to do our old house. (I feel like I may have told you this already -- if so, skip ahead.) It was quite useful. He agreed with our closet solutions, proposed a trap door up to the attic (good idea), had a good solution for the upstairs bathroom (swap sink and toilet -- possibly a corner sink. I like corner sinks!), agreed with our arrangement of the living room and had a good suggestion for some existing shelving that could be more useful. After talking with him, we're reevaluating our kitchen/downstairs bath ideas, too. We may move things around, open up doorways, give up on the family-room corner idea, have a more open kitchen and possibly have a full bath downstairs, which actually seems like a good idea. So all that's up for grabs again, but I think it's good.

So -- I'm thinking we'll have the upstairs done by March, but the downstairs not before June. But that's okay -- we're pretty flexible, really. (hah hah hah.)

Other: Poor M. It isn't easy being 13. She's feeling overwhelmed and abused --piano and riding and school and then the horror of ski trips. She came home and took a nap until 9 last night, at which point she got up, ate dinner and did her math homework. I think she really was just tired out. I remember now that N used to get tired out. She still does, really, but I think just growing is exhausting, and then other things get heaped on them -- reports and other terrible homework. They are intellectually ready for it, but it takes a toll, which I don't think schools recognise. N is feeling a bit out of sorts, too -- she really liked finals, strangely. I think she liked the finiteness of it -- study really hard and take this test. Then it's over. Now she's back at the beginning of the semester, with all that work ahead of her, ambiguous and amorphous.

Anyway - there it is. The February report.

You know what else? The plum trees are all blooming. I sort of pooh pooh them -- they're wild and they seed themselves and you see them everywhere and they're sort of nothing trees for most of the year. But is spring they are really lovely -- little clouds of white and pink flowers. There's one in our backyard that I was going to cut down, but having seen it in spring I'm now not so sure. It's very pretty when not much else is.


There you have it.

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