2006-03-06 - 10:43 a.m.


We did nothing this weekend, and it was good.

I had many many plans to desperately clean the house before my mother gets here, but an evil voice whispered in my ear "But she's coming to help -- let her have something to help with!"

M had to play in a terrible piano recital and she survived! Somehow she's fallen in with this thing where people play pieces and then pass tests and worry about whether something is a level four or a level seven piece. It seems awful to me, and it makes M worry desperately. We're almost ready to bug out of the whole thing, except she is learning theory, and it's not terrible to be able to play in front of people, and she is kind of learning a lot.

It's just a big ridiculous. Level seven indeed.

But after that, we really did nothing. N slept at Es on Friday, and N, M and E went to a school play on Saturday, after which E slept over. We all lounged about and read on Sunday. It was rainy and we had a nice fire. I did laundry. Then we had pizza and watched the oscars.

Hard to complain about that!

Okay -- got to go.

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