February -- the good and the bad

2006-03-03 - 1:03 p.m.

Here's another thing:

I really hesitate to not like February. I live in California, and February is usually quite pleasant here. Also, my daughter's birthday is in February, and I'd hate to think bad things about her birthday month. Also, I like Valentine's Day, and the very pinkness and redness of February (somehow 14 and 28 seem very pink and red to me). So it really has plenty of good reasons to be a good month.

That said, there is really something about this time of year that is just really hard. It's winter, and it's been winter for a while, and will still be winter for a while. The light -- it's getting lighter by the end, but there's still not really enough light. Especially if it's raining. Also, something about the placement of it -- There's Christmas, and then you're into January, and you feel sort of energized and like you should take stock -- but by February, you're just tired, and the same old things have been going on forever with no end in sight ... I don't know. It's just a hard month.

But it suddenly feels like it's over (because it is!). And it will really soon be spring and then there will be summer and things will be different. Life will be interesting and good again.

Thank heavens!

Okay -- that's it. (Click back for earlier entry.)

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