2006-05-08 - 11:46 a.m.


The house next door to our new house is for sale, and some people we know might buy it. !!!

I wish they would -- it's great having people you like live next door. I mean, I can imagine some people I know whom I would not want next door, but these people are not those --


That's all I know. M spent the weekend reading Huck F1nn, and N researching a paper on Liv1a, who was the wife of Augustus. The reasearching took until 1:00 last night. The writing began at 6:30 this morning -- a bit later than expected due to troubles getting into the bathroom. Turns out that 6:00 is the one time when there can be a huge bathroom problem. Usully we're all asleep and don't notice.

Anyway, the exciting things about L1via seem to be that she supervised the weaving of clothing for her household, and she may or may not have poisoned lots of people in her efforts to get her son T1berius to succeed Augustus. AND Augustus really loved her.

Those Romans -- there seems to be an awful lot of marrying and divorcing and poisoning going on. Scandalous, actually.

Now I will work, and then I will go pick up N and take her home to study Chemistry, and then I will go to the tile shop and select tile. Yay! Hexagons hexagons hexagons.


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