2006-06-23 - 4:50 p.m.

So -- it was my birthday, and that was good. N made me a cake which was very yummy. Here is the recipe. Yum. That chicken is good, too.

So -- the painters painted and N baked a cake, and we had Thai food for dinner because it was just too hot to cook, and we were starving, and also, as N pointed out, it may be the last time we ever eat that Thai food. It's a restaurant 5 blocks from our house and it's great.
Then N went to E's house and sort of disappeared for a while. Oh, and the window washer came.

Then the next day, the painters finished cleaning up, and this amazing guy came and rearranged all our furniture and hung all our pictures (and the cleaning ladies came) and now our house is beyond beautiful. I can tell you this honestly because really, beyond getting rid of a lot of stuff and 10 years worth of gardening, I had very little to do with it. Really, it is quite beautiful. (If you email me, I'll send you the link, although I don't think the pictures really do it justice. Hmmm. We should have taken them ourselves. The angle is all strange.)

Anyway, Thursday people came through, and they'll come through again this weekend. And who knows -- maybe we'll sell it!

Very odd -- it sort of feels like acting. N had been out while it all got staged and found it very creepy when she got back. But really, he did a fabulous job, and used all our stuff. It's kind of fun to go into a room and see a familiar picture in a completely new context. We took the shelves off the computer desk and it makes a great endtable.

The moral? Invite Guy to come help us arrange our furniture when we move in, instead of waiting until we move out to have it look great.

It's not just that it looks great -- it's also that it's much more functional than it was before. The new living room arrangement makes so much more sense.


N is out again, and she leaves for my mom's on Tuesday, and from there, for Spain a week later. It's a bit discombobulating to try to get her ready while not making a mess. As you can imagine. Plus, just to have time to get the things she needs. Also, she's caught up in a bit of a social whirl which has her completely crabby and exhausted. It will be good when E leaves, because then we'll get her back for a few days before she goes. And she probably won't see the house again, which I think has her more than a little sad ...

I think maybe we'd better go to the beach.

I am actually pretty relieved to have this finally underway, and also things are moving along with the new house, too. But more on that later ...

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