2006-06-26 - 12:09 p.m.

So --

Perhaps you are wondering what has become of me?

Well -- the house is beautiful, and people have come to see it, but as far as I know, no one wants to buy it yet, so we are probably going to have another open house next weekend.

It's actually not so bad to live in -- it's sort of like camping out, where you have only a few of your possessions, but they're pretty much enough.

The cats are even getting sort of used to it, although they are not fans of the daily vacuuming.

Meanwhile, at the new house, the new guy who we snuck in to do the trim is so much better than the old guy, who we are sort of edging out. It is fabulous. I can actually imagine that we may in fact get in to the house. Yay! That's good, although I feel a little bad for the old guy. But not very -- we certainly gave him every opportunity to actually do the job. Hah.

M's camps are good -- the art camp is actually great and she's learning a lot. This week she has horse camp two, sort of worked around the drawing camp, and then the weekly torture of piano lessons. It's okay.

N is almost packed up to leave. I'm going to miss her.

That's about it!

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