2006-07-09 - 11:18 p.m.


It's really late and I'm tired.

N made it to Spain all right. Did I tell you this already? Most likely.

M is doing her drawing assignment, which is an imaginary city. I suppose I should stay up late with her, but I am pretty tired, so I think I'm heading to bed.

Oh, we sold the house. Very odd. But done.

(They complained about the shower! The shower is completely fine! They also complained about our stove, which is a really charming stove from about 1950! Yes, one of the burners has to be lit with a match -- it's still pretty charming. Anyway, it's over.)

(Actually, I'm hoping I can like them, so I can tell them how to take care of my flowers.)

Ummm. Oh -- M and I have been working very hard on paint colors for the new house. I think we have the ceiling and trim color (which is Superwhite!) and the hallway/foyer/parlor color, which is Windham Cream. M's room is going to be Riviera Azure, and K's study might be Kittery Pt. Green. M's floor will be Hemlock, and the study floor might be Hemlock or some other, paler green. It's possible that our bedroom might be Blue Ice -- but it's also possible that it might not be.

I ditched the conference I was supposed to go to. It was really just too much. I do feel bad -- I like several people I see there every year, and I'm sad to miss them. I also feel like a flake, but on the other hand I do not see how I could have done it without dying. Really. So -- next year.

I'm enjoying the brief moment of having N safely settled and the house sold. All I have to worry about for the immediate moment is the kitchen sink, faucet and countertop, the house colors (and I'm meeting with a paint lady on Tuesday) and then ... moving.

Oh dear.

OKay - I'm off to bed.

For K's birthday we went to see pirates and had dinner out, which was really good. It was fun.

Confidential to E. -- I've just started it, and I think it's good! I like the characters -- More later.

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