wood ash

2006-07-19 - 9:15 a.m.

Ugh. My stomach hurts.

Also, my desk is filthy!

I don't know if M passed her piano theory test, but she said it wasn't as hard as she was worried it would be. Also, she did fine on the actual playing part (which was weeks ago) and the woman had nice things to say, so that was nice.

And -- I think the painters are doing a nice job. They've got the bathroom color up, and it looks good, plus they're doing a nice job on prep on the bathroom trim. The color is "wood ash." Who thinks these names up?

M and I went to Swedish Conglomorate last night to check out the cabinets. We agree that we've chosen the nicest ones, and we really liked all the things we can do with drawers, etc. M liked the green countertop and I like the black and green.

The thing is, I think the black and green is prettier. I wonder if the green would look better in our kitchen in our house --



That is all.

Oh -- painters. They are so odd! They really have opinions about colors. I guess it's not surprising. Some colors must really be better than others, though. They liked the wood ash. So that's good.

I don't think they'd say they did if they didn't -- Hmmm.

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