2006-10-03 - 9:29 a.m.

So --

Let's see. The house is coming together. It's basically all finished, construction-wise, except for a few things here and there. But the moving in is not so easy. But we're getting there. We got the basement sorted out this weekend, and that helped a lot, and now I know what to do with the kitchen, I think. We have this huge cabinet that we used essentially as a kitchen cabinet in our old house. We don't actually need another kitchen cabinet in the new house, but we can put it inthe little kitchen alcove with the old computer and the printer on top of it, and stuff it full of school supplies and computer crap, and that should actually be a good solution. Then, we'll stick one of the crappy bookcases in the bookcase spot until T can make us a built-in bookcase, and I can unpack the cookbooks and the school directories etc. I think that will be a good solution.

It's also clear that we need to get some sort of guest room thing going in the study, since it appears that we're going to have a steady stream of guests from now through January. It really sucks to have guests sleeping in the living room, because that means you've got suitcases all over the living room and you can't really use the downstairs, and that's not fun. Plus, I suppose, not so fun for the guest. So, we need to put up the bookshelves in the study and unpack the books and put up the desk and make sure we leave room enough for some kind of cot or something. Actually, I think that will be good.

And then comes the fun stuff like hanging pictures, etc.

In terms of the people who live in the house, that's getting sorted out, too. I think the more we get stuff arranged, the calmer K will be, which will be good. M is doing fantastically in school. It's funny to watch her after N. It's a little easier for her, I think, since she knows what to expect. But she's also just a different person. Well, the result of whatever is that M is getting straight As. She just sees what has to be done and then does it. N has an altogether more complicated approach to things, involving, from what I can see, letting things get almost out of hand before she swings into action and pulls them out before they spiral down the drain. This means she gets a lot of B pluses. It does appear that, despite our best efforts, we're not going to be able to get her out of AP Bio, which means she's going to have a shitload of work. But maybe it will be the thing that finally gets her to keep organized, because if she doesn't keep on top of things this year, there will be no way to keep everything from going down the drain. There's just too much this time.

K's mother is visiting, too. I feel a little bad that the house is not completely set up, etc., but on the other hand, I really could not have had it so. It's hard to spend as much time with her as we really should -- school is a really full-time thing for the kids, and I have work, and K has work. She's fairly independent, but she's also 80 something, which means she's frailer than anyone likes, and she doesn't sleep all that well. She wants to BART in to SF to the museum, and she'll probably be fine (I hope). Oh dear.

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

But also, my sock is coming along quite nicely.

Really, things are calming down, and that's pretty much a good thing.

Okay -- got to go.

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