2007-02-14 - 8:53 a.m.

I am home this morning, waiting for the tile guy to come to do the backsplash and the fireplace surround. Actually, I have a quick hour before they get here, so I actually should clean up a bit.

It's nice to sit here in the kitchen, though.

I feel better today after some time flipping through the F* guide to colleges. Hopefully there'll be one she'll get in to. It's so utterly ridiculous. I called about this summer statistics class and they sniffed at me: "Well, it's extremely competitive, and we already have several applicants with A's." (She's got a B.) It's absurd -- she can just take it through the regular college summer school! That is not competitive at all.

Anyway. I am over it now.

Now I will clean up.

We have a wild plum tree in our back yard. It is lovely -- full of white blossoms and birds -- and it has shed a carpet of white petals below it onthe lawn.

Very nice.

Now I have to go clean up.


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