Some fretting

2007-03-05 - 10:55 a.m.


I'm still home -- working on something. But I'd better get a move on!

Skiing this weekend was great. By the time we got up there, it as really only half a day. So we went to the cheap close place that's across the street from the expensive close place. It was perfect for half a day -- it might be boring for a whole day. Gosh, we must be getting good!

It was quite fun -- we went with E and her mother.

Then ... I don't know -- sort of a picking up the pieces day that ended up being okay. The sort of day where it seems like you're not really getting anyting done, but then you actually are so its okay.

I laundered and vacuumed and put the futon back together, and in the end, those things seem to have made the difference.

Also, N got her paper written.

And had a long discussion with E's mother about colleges.

I have resolved to fret less. I don't really want to fret -- they're not my papers, or tests, or choices, even.

Somehow, though ...

But really, she seems to be taking things in hand -- it's always this seesaw back and forth between things totally falling apart and things being on a good course. I think things are now going well -- she seems to have things under control.

Oh dear.

So much for fretting less.

Off I go --

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