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2007-03-06 - 10:33 a.m.

  1. It is SPRING outside, complete with warm weather, balmy air and blooming everything. Woah -- I think it's time to get to work on the garden.
  2. This garden tour is happening soon. I'm signed up. Perhaps I will come back full of good ideas.
  3. M is on a field trip to the De Young today. I think they're going to look at African art, since the sophomores are reading Things Fall Apart. She's going to stay in SF and BART back on her own, with her friend SB. I hope. Always the possibility that she'll just get lost. Hmmm.
  4. It is really quite balmy outside.
  5. I'm a part of this volunteer thing for Large Urban Public School ( N and M's high school). I'm not entirely sure it's the thing for me -- I'm not really a fundraiser (this is a fundraising group), and since I work full time, I don't have any expendable time. I do like being involved with the school, and getting to know a little bit of the gossip (this is why you should volunteer -- to learn the gossip). But it's wierd being around women who have more time and money than I do. Well, to be fair, they do not all have more money and time than I do. Anyway -- they were haggling over spending a large sum of money on a teacher training thing that M's fabulous English teacher requested. We've got a shitload of money -- I think we should spend it. It's odd that they were balking at it, actually, since we spend tons of money on more dubious items all the time. As a reference, we're spending $3,500 to send two kids to DC for a week, but we're balking at spending $8,000 on a workshop to help 15 teachers teach writing to classrooms that have widely divergent ability levels. Since the school is completely devoted to having mixed classrooms, and since that's got to be a hard thing to teach, and since M's wonderful teacher recommended it -- I don't see the problem. Plus, we actually have so much money. I don't mind doing some research. If it turns out that this specific program is way overpriced, etc, then we shouldn't fund it. But it seems to me that with all the money we have, we should be looking beyond pizza for lunchtime study groups and funds to send the chess team to Sacramento. Hmmm.
  6. I don't know if I have anything else for you. I'm really enjoying walking to work every day. I guess I'll turn in my parking permit. I've been hanging on to it just in case ...
  7. In my attempt to complete that list of books, I've been reading Gone with the Wind, The Thornbirds and The Bourne Identity. The only one I can really stomach is The Bourne Identity. I think this marks me as an old person. I can't stand Gone with the Wind because I can't stand to watch Scarlet make mistake after mistake. I can't stand The Thornbirds because I can't really stand all the drama. I used to like drama. But to be honest, I have never really liked books where thing after thing after thing goes wrong. Sometimes they're okay after you finish them. Sister Carrie is actually a really good book, although you do not believe that until you've finished it. But I think I'm too old, now, to endure the reading.
  8. Now I think this list is long enough.
  9. Oh. Doesn't this post about blogging strike you as very true?
  10. The end.
  11. Oh, one more thing. I don't like books about drama, yet I really do like Rosamunde Pilcher, and Maeve Binchy. Why is that? I think it's a certain practical sensibility that they have that makes the drama more palatable. There's often an old woman who has a reasonable take on things. Maybe.
  12. That is all.

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