2007-06-11 - 11:25 a.m.


I just had an enormous breakfast with a woman I know.

I like her, and I also don't like her. It's one of those kid things -- she's the parent of someone M went to elementary school with. Her daughter is very bright and very hard-working, and this woman is understandably very proud of her. But I am sort of reaching the end of my years of discussing child-minutia with other parents.

Interestingly, she brought up the fact that she has a trust.

Of course I knew that she has a trust -- how else could they live, quite well, on half an income?

Still -- she is an interesting person to talk to.

Yawn --

It was a pleasant weekend. We went to a 50th birthday for a friend, which allowed us all to reflect on th 25 years we've known each other, and how young we all were when we met.

Which was odd.

I slept late on Saturday and then pottered around.

My brother came over on Saturday morning, and we made plans for putting a patio in the back yard. Depending on how much it will cost, though, we may not do it.

But we also figured out the screening issue.

And found what looks like a great place for N in Spain.

The summer is shaping up ...


Bleh. I ate too much.

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