2007-06-17 - 8:34 a.m.


I've started cleaning, and I'm just about to continue. I'm focusing on the kitchem, and my goal is to wash the floor.

This is more complicated than you even think.

It will be really good, though.

We went to a graduation party last night for a boy who is the son of a woman I knew in college. It was actually not all that fun, an I'm not sure why.

N and S used to go to the zoo together when they were quite small -- we have a picture of them holding hands at the zoo when they were about 2. N was so incredibly cute -- she had this curly blonde hair and her skin was completely pink.

She is still cute, but her hair is now straight and light brown, and she's not quite so pink. Also, she's no longer 2.

Partly it wasn't quite so fun because N and S don't really know each other so well anymore -- they both go to LUPS, but S is a year ahead and hangs with another crowd. It can work when it's just N and S, but not so much when all S's friends are there. (It was actually a party for another family friend W, who also left kind of early.)

I think it may be possible that the graduation party brings together too many pieces of your life to actually work so well -- I remember mine being similarly miserable. My piano teacher and an English teacher both came and took against each other, and I remember that my good friend P's parent looked unhappy and out of place, which made me sad.)

Also, S's girlfriend is kind of awful -- she must have good grades because she's going to Stanford, but she was sort of awful in a smarty pants kind of way.

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