We've got the door open right now --

2007-07-02 - 10:26 p.m.


It's summer now, and quite pleasant.

Our neighbor had a barbeque and invited us, and the people on the other side of us, and the people on the other side of them. K's mother is here for the week, and we all went over, and it was really fun. They are all quite interesting. I was thinking about the difference between the neighbors here and at our old house -- the old neighbors were really nice, but most of them were not really people we wanted to hang out with. That seems to be a benefit of living in town -- the likelihood of more interesting neighbors.

Although there is a neighborhood electronic newsletter, and all the people who write in to that are complete and utter cranks, so the likelihood of having utter cranks for neighbors is also quite high.

I've been working in the backyard, trying to pull out all the blackberries so I can plant some new shrubs, which will grow high, be floral, and make our backyard feel more private. We ate dinner outside tonight. I love to eat outside. It's so amazingly pleasant this week -- warm during the day, not freezing at night. It's amazing. And I can't wait to plant my shrubs.

N and M have settled in to life without school. I always forget this, but it really takes about three weeks to really settle in. It's now been three weeks, and we're all used to summer. It's great.

And -- we've purchased all the necessary airline tickets. N is going to Spain. M will go south to meet my mom at my grandmother's house, then fly east with my mother to MA. I'll come a week or so later, and K a week after that. Then we'll all fly home a few days before N gets home.It's good to have that settled.

Oh -- M and I got the study set up as a guest room. I suppose it can't be a permanent guest room, as K appears to want a study. It looks quite nice right now, though, and that's where K's mother is, which works out fine.

The house feels quite reasonable, and when it's all lit up, looks very nice from the backyard. Even more reason to sit out there -- we can admire the house from the outside!

Okay -- now I'm going to bed.

Or something.


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