pork roast monday

2008-01-07 - 3:34 p.m.

So -- all back to normal. I'm at work, kids at school, K at work.

It was actually a lovely sort of vacation. We returned from Pittsburgh. We all went out for New Year's Eve. I don't think any of us went out again after that, except that k and i went to work, and N's friend W came over, and some other friends of N's came over to plan some yearbook page (the rest of us cowered upstairs waiting for them to leave) and N went out for breakfast on Sunday morning. Oh, and I went for a walk in the rain on Saturday and K and I went for a walk on Sunday, which ended up being more of an errand run than a walk.

Anyway. It was kind of pleasant. N is translating book iv of the Aeneid, which is actually pretty hard, or seems to be. She makes M help her, because apparently M has mastered the third declension and she has not. M had approximately 10,000 vocabulary words of her own to memorize.

Anyway, it was quite pleasant. We'd thought about going skiing, but since there were blizzard conditions going on in the Sierras it seemed prudent to wait. Maybe we can go this weekend, or maybe better next weekend, when we, and everybody else on the planet, will have a three day weekend.

I had a short conversation with k's mother. She couldn't remember who had given her what, which is not actually surprising since there was something of a frenzy when the gifts were handed out. So we went over them and sorted it out. Then she have me tips on how to avoid going to the grocery store everyday, which is my new exotic plan. Actually, they were pretty good tips, and I think it was a good way to restore some kind of balance. I tell hew which gifts we gave her, and she tells me what to cook for dinner. On her advice, we had salmon last night, and it was good advice. Tonight it's a pork roast, which will last two nights, I think. E's futher advice was to just do two meals at a time and see how that went before plunging in to doing a whole week at a time. It did seem more manageable. But my clever idea was to buy some hamburger meat and stick it in the freezer, and then we can have something simple like spaghetti in an emergency.

So I got that sorted out, and people did their homework, which always brings me such joy, and we watched innumerable episodes of the Gilmore girls and Planet Earth and I finished a scarf and began a mitten. If I could have a bit more time at home I'd start my quilt and also clean out the kitchen pantry and get to work unpacking more books. But I didn't, so I'll have to squeeze those in where I can. But overall, although too short, it was a mostly pleasant vacation.

And now I'll squeeze in a bit more work before I wander home to cook my pork roast. Yeah.

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