not very fun

2008-01-24 - 2:16 p.m.

So. Ha.

Not feeling any perkier. In fact, I think I might be feeling sort of sick. Hmmm.


Here's a scene from my house this morning.

R: Knock knock knock
M: (opens door. Is fully clothed, except has bathrobe over clothing.) What?
R: It's 7:45. We have to leave at 8:15.

R: Knock knock knock
N: (muffled) What?
R: (Opens door to find N completely hidden by bedclothes.) It's 7:45. You have to get up. Where is the computer? Is it in the bed?
N: (Head emerges.) It's on the floor.
R: (Continues to look.)
N: Trust me!

Time goes by. It is now 8:18 We have to leave! N emerges with computer (but dressed).

N: I just have to print this one thing.


N: It's not my fault!


N: Go ahead and take M and come back and get me.


God help us all if she flunks all her classes and cannot go to college. Perhaps a nice job on a oil rig somewhere. Anything, really.

She's a really fun person. It's just not really fun when you sort of feel responsible for her. That's the not very fun part.

Oh well.

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