2002-10-08 - 11:31 a.m.

Here's another entry.

I've been thinking about yesterday's entry. IT's funny the way it works. I was cringing about it. I remembered it as having been gloopy and awful.

But I read it again and found it quite restrained.

Certainly I've had sex with people I never wanted to have children with. But I remember realizing that I really liked Kevin around the same time I realized that I could imagine having kids with him. I think it's a love thing --

OKay, enough.

One of my coworkers really hated My big fat greek wedding. Too horribly stereotyping. Very very bad, and not funny.

I think that's the point, though. Of course it's overdrawn, but it's sort of the broad version of what it felt like to be that woman. (She wrote it, after all.)

I didn't think it was the best movie in the world, but I did think it was funny.

I grew up in a large, disfunctional nominally catholic family, and I could relate --

I'm not explaining this very well, but personally, I think it's more important to have a sense of humor than to be politically correct. If you can't laugh at yourself --

Life does have pleasant bits, so you might as well enjoy them. Sometimes they even are the smoke rising straight up from the Chevron refinery!

Or something --

Okay, off to work.


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