weekend report

2002-11-18 - 10:42 a.m.

So --

Quite a weekend. Nora's team was in a tournament -- the end of season soccer tournament. It was great!

I missed most of the first game. My period appeared, after two months on vacation visiting someone else, I guess. Let's just say it was necessary to go home and make adjustments at least twice.

Anyhow, sometime when I was gone, Nora was put in and started playing. She hasn't really played all year. She started running, and going after the ball, and it was great.

Rachel's mother (Rachel is a real star) gave her a hug. People clapped when she came off the field. It was amazing, and it continued throughout all four games. By the fourth game, she had out her hair in a ponytail (she'd been refusing before), and she was following Robert, the coach, around, asking to be put it. Even when she was out, she was following the game, and cheering individual players. It was amazing.

Oh, and they won the tournament! Their last game was against their nemesis -- a team that used to be called the Shooting Stars and is now the Cyberrays. A pretty serious team that's been together for years and has an insanely serious couch who yells at them. And our girls beat them, fairly easily.

Anyway -- so that was going on.

And I went to a party on Friday night that was fun.

And probably that's all that happened.

Nora seems a lot cheerier. I think, actually, it may have been the parent-teacher conference. Most of her teachers said - she's really smart. She needs to maybe work a bit harder, and participate more in class.

But I think hearing that she's smart might have been encouraging.

I don't know -- I'm just guessing.

Poor Maddy didn't have much of a weekend. She's got a cold, and she hung around the house (which she actually likes to do anyway) and played with her toys, and cleaned out her dollhouse and set it up for Christmas. And did some homework, and read a book.

Kevin messed around in his office, and went shopping at Costco.

I did some laundry, and even made dinner once, and read about a page of The Far Side of the World.

Hung out with my friends on the sidelines.

In a way, kids' soccer takes the place of church. I don't go to church -- but every weekend, I hang out with people on the sidelines, and talk to them -- I know them from all kinds of places besides soccer, actually. So it's nice to find out what's up with them. Nice to follow what's going on with the 8th graders -- see what's coming up. I'd miss it if we didn't do it.

After the last game, Nora and I hit the mall. She wanted some stuff for her birthday, which is coming up. So we looked around and she got a few things.

Anyway -- it was all pretty fun, and here I am now, and I've already answered my mail and made a trip down to the Hideous Basement Supply Cabinet.


Think I'll go get some tea --

Bye --

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