those who annoy

2002-12-18 - 10:02 a.m.

So, I'm still in a state.

I sort of snapped and am no longer able to put up with anything. Driving to work this morning was absolute hell. I kept getting stuck behind people needing to drive 2 miles per hour.

Anyway --

But now I'm recovering. Part of the trouble is that I'm collecting all the money for the teacher's holiday presents at two schools, and I'm also coordinating the collection of presents for a homeless boy.

You know, this is a pain, but it's usually not this much of a pain, and I attribute the pain to the wellmeaning but somewhat unhelpful person I'm working with.

It is amazing. Some people are able to cut through the crap and figure out a way to deal with stuff, and some people just really aren't. How do they live? I don't know, but they seem to have figured out some way, so --

So I wrote a really nasty email complaining to a friend of mine, and she and I figured out the amounts, and she even offered to pick something up! (Something that never occured to the unhelpful but well meaning person.)

Sometimes you just want a little validation -- yes, that person is a real pain. Poor you.

Is this making any sense?

Then Kevin made a little snuffling noise about needing the table cleaned off. Boy, that was it for him. I asked him last night if he needed anything cleaned up for the electrician. "No, I'll do it." And then the snuffling. If he had asked in a nice way -- X, could you help me clean this table off -- I would not have been so livid. It's the snuffling that gets me. I don't deal well with snuffling.

Oh well, he was probably snuffling because he's afraid of me, because I am in fact the ball of hellfire and damnation lately.

But it's because I've been driven to it!

I've looked into sainthood, and I'll tell you the reward cannot be worth it.

I'm going for devilhood, instead, and I'm going to spend eternity torturing those who annoy.


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